This Sunday’s Gospel reading from Matthew reminds us of just what the Lord requires from us in matters of faith: “If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed…” Many of us believe that we are unworthy or unable to achieve our goals because we do not possess the right amount of faith.  In our Lord’s eyes, the smallest amount of faith can literally move mountains.  We must be willing to do our part and work in cooperation with our Lord offering up what we have and trusting that the Lord will hear our prayer and provide what is needed for the good and salvation of our soul. 

Writing in the 7th century from his monastery in northern Syria, St. Isaac of Nineveh encourages the faithful with these words: “For in very truth, when we disdain evil actions and separate ourselves entirely rom them and cling to the good, we will quickly sense divine aid.  And if we struggle a little, we will find comfort for our soul, we will gain the remission of our sins, we will be deemed worthy of grace and will receive a multitude of blessings” (Homily 4).